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Online admission

Welcome to on-line registration to Kozminski University.

Our website is for those applying for regular undergraduate and graduate studies (master’s and bachelor’s programs) and for exchange students.

While completing the application form, please remember the following principles:
- do not use the ‘back’, ‘forward’ or ‘refresh’ buttons in your browser. Use only the buttons in the application form
- after a period of inactivity the site automatically expires; if this is the case, the application process has to be restarted

Having completed the application process, you can log in to the system by providing the login and password. As your login, please use your candidate’s number that will be automatically generated by the system after the application process is successfully finished. You will be able to set up your password when filling in the recruitment form.

Please prepare scanned copies of your documents before applying (passport, diplomas, certificates, insurance if any). If you have problems with uploading the document you can skip this step.
The admission session for master and bachelor programs begins in February every academic year and the classes begin in the first week of October. We suggest submitting your documents before September.

Please fill out the registration application:


If you have registered and would like to make changes in your application you can log in Login

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